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  Fia Metta
artist based in Hamburg

From a young age I have been fascinated by art and especially stories and paintings have always been of importance to me until as a young adult I fell in love with film. Of all art forms it was literature and film that over time became most significant to me and creating images has now become a passion I can’t imagine not being part of my life.

Having had a basic education in ballet classes at the opera, I deepened my knowledge in the field of dance while studying pharmacy during which I equally gained first experiences in film and theatre. After graduating as a pharmacist in 2018, I studied French and Portuguese literature in Hamburg and Paris. Reflecting on art and culture was inspirational, but especially of great influence were and still are the different projects in the field of dance, theatre and costume; the latter as well in film productions as the opera.

My photographs stand at the end of a long process of designing and making the costumes myself and preparing the scenery, so ultimately every created photo becomes a composition of my art.

Expressing myself in images means the most beautiful way to me to capture thoughts and ideas and to tell stories. The process of visualizing worlds that before only existed in one’s mind is a completely fulfilling experience. And for me it is of equal joy to share these worlds by sharing my pictures.

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